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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 12After the holidays, I went back to school. I didnt see most of my neighbors
much in the trailer park, and didn't see many guys from school. I was
lonely and horny. I decided to hang out at the gym after my classes. I
watched some pretty muscular guys pumping iron, and got the usual jokes
about me being a chub. Their muscles were nice to look at but didn't do
much for me. What got me going was their armpits. I moved over to one of
the weight machines in the back, away from the show off jocks. I took a
machine near a slightly chubby guy. He looked like a freshman. We started
talking, and he told me he was a first semester freshman, and had just
transferred from a community college. I asked how he liked it here, and he
said he liked the school but his dorm roomate was an asshole. The guy was a
jock and always making fun of him because he was a bit chubby. I told him
I thought that was stupid, because he looked pretty good. He started to
blush, and i started to notice his legs and forearms were kind of hairy. I
started to imagine what he looked like without those clothes. I figured
i'd wait until he was ready to leave and we could shower together in the
shower room. We were both getting sweaty as we worked out and I mentioned
how good a shower will feel. He said he didn't like to take showers in
public showers. I asked why, and he said he was shy in public. I asked if
it was becasue he was overweight, and he said that was part of it. He said
he was also pretty hairy and felt funny when people stared at him. I told
him that some people like hairy guys, and he said he hadnt met anyone who
had. I told him I lived in a trailer nearby, and if he wanted he could come
over and use my shower. He thought about it and said he would like that.We walked over to my trailer, and I showed him around. I told him since he
was my guest he could take his shower first. i told him he could undress in
my bedroom. He gave me a look like he was waiting for me to leave, and I
told him i had one favor to ask.. I said that since he said he was real
hairy, I was curious about how hairy he was. He thought about it and said
it was better than virgin lol pussy bbs
having a group of jocks staring at him, and he took off
his shirt. His chest was pretty hairy, but what got my attention was his
armpits. THey looked incredible. He slid off his shorts and underwear, He
had the hariest crotch and ass I had ever seen, and a big smooth cock
hanging from the bush. My cock got very hard, and I told loli girl pussy pics him I thought he
looked fantastic. He thanked me but said he felt funny standing naked in
front of me. I took off my sweaty clothes, and asked if he felt more
comfortable. He looked at my small hard cock, and asked if I wanted to
shower with him. He reached over and started stroking my cock. I let him
feel my cock and balls, and i moaned and started to feel his chest and
armpits. I leaned in and started to lick his pits. His cock got big and
hard, and I got on my knees and started sucking him. He spread his legs
wide as I sucked his balls and let my hands wander all over his hairy body.
He said he never did this with a guy before, and I said I would do anything
he wanted. We got in the shower together and soaped eachother up. When we
got out of the shower and dried eachother off, we went to the bedroom. I
told him to get on his stomach, I buried my face in his hairy ass and licked
his hole.He got on his back, and I got on top of him. I lowered myself onto his hard
cock and pushed down until I could feel his thick bush on my ass. He
moaned loudly as I moved up and down his cock. I slid up and down his pole
slowly, but he started thrusting up into me. I got off him and got on my
back. He got between my legs and thrust his big hard cock deep inside me.
I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me. He tongue rumanian lolita nude gallery
kissed me as he
fucked me, and started stroking my cock. I squeezed his cock with my ass,
and I could feel him throbbing.. He started to shoot in my ass, and I shot
my load on my chest. He pulled his cock out of me, and I sucked him clean.
We lay on the bed a long time and xxx preteen lolitas toplist
he let me feel his hairy body.He started coming over and hanging out after classes. I watched his self
confidence grow as we made love time after time.
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